Ashley Elizabeth Zehnder is a former teacher and cheerleading coach in Houston, Texas who has been arrested and charged for alleged sex with a 17-year-old student. According to the prosecution, she has confessed to the improper relationship.

Ashley Elizabeth Zehnder

Photo: Ashley Elizabeth Zehnder

The 24-year-old Ashley Elizabeth Zehnder (mugshot photo above; more pictures below) is a former biology teacher and assistant cheer coach at Pasadena High School in Houston, Texas. She resigned from her position during the investigation.

According to, quoting Harris County prosecutors, the investigation began when Zehnder told the assistant principal at Pasadena High School that there might be a nude photo of her being circulated among students. At that time she claimed that a student got the nude photo from her old cell phone.

The assistant principal began the investigation into the teacher’s claims and after speaking with students found one, a 17-year-old male, who said that he had the teacher’s photo. He said that Zehnder herself had sent it to him. He went on to said that he and Zehnder had been having sex at her apartment in Houston since May of this year.

According to prosecutors, the student was able to describe the apartment and its layout. When confronted with the sexting allegations, prosecutors say that Zehnder confessed. quotes assistant district attorney Nick Socias who said, “She admitted to sending the nude photo to the student, knowing in fact that he was a student, and that they had sex.” He also went on to comment about the unusual manner in which the investigation began, with the teacher approaching the school’s assistant principal. He said, ” “It’s not how these cases normally start. There’s a lot of questions on why she even brought it up to begin with.”

Zehnder was arrested and in her first court appearance. was charged with an inappropriate relationship with a student, a felony. She was released on $10,000 bond.

No additional details of Ashley Elizabeth Zehnder’s bio and professional background were reported.

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Photos: Ashley Elizabeth Zehnder

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