Nicholas Brendon, former ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ star, was arrested in Boise, Iowa and charged with two misdemeanors after an incident at a hotel. The mugshot has gone viral, as it reveals the actor looking proverbially worse for the wear.

Nicholas Brendon
Photo: Nicholas Brendon

The arrest of the 43-year-old actor eternally known for his portrayal of Xander in the cult classic TV ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ has suddenly received international attention, as is typically the case, as the search for the Nicholas Brendon booking photo, above has become suddenly frantic, and the picture of his disheveled countenance has gone viral in social media, where everyone has an opinion, and no opinion is too merciless.

According to TMZ, which caused the story of the Boise, Idaho arrest of the actor to go viral, the alleged incident was at a hotel in Boise, Idaho; police were called when he was reportedly causing a disturbance. As for how he happened to be in Boise, it was not the climate or one would imagine, the relative peace and quiet but rather the Tree City Comic Con.

Nicholas Brendon was charged with malicious injury to a property and resisting or obstructing police officers. Both are misdemeanor offenses. He was taken into custody by Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

After making an appearance at the fan gathering on Friday, likely few would have known of it. But thanks to the arrest, he has gotten far more publicity than the entirety of the Tree City Comic Con.

His appearance was confirmed via his official Twitter account: ‘Who’s at Tree City Comic Con and ready to give Nicky some hugs? – Kahmeela’

But who would have imagined how it all turned out, with the arrest of Nicholas Brendon, and a mugshot going viral. Not the every day occurrence at such a gathering.