Pamela Christensen is a pastor’s wife in suburban Chicago who has been arrested and charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to kill her daughters; a preteen and two teenagers. She is alleged to have stabbed two of them and telling police she wanted to send them to “meet Jesus Christ.”

Pamela Christensen

Photo: Pamela Christensen

The 47-year-old Pamela Christensen (mugshot above; a second booking photo is below) is a resident of Montgomery, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. She is the estranged wife of Pastor Vaughn Christensen.

According to Chicago Sun-Times quoting Kendall County Court documents, police arrived at her residence after two 911 hangup calls had been placed. Christensen met Montgomery Police Department officers at the door and was wearing a blood stained white short. The documents further state that she dropped to her knees and told the police that she had attempted to kill her three daughters — ages 12, 16, and 19 — so as to send them to “meet Jesus Christ.”

Police found two of the girls upstairs with stab wounds to the chest. Christensen also had stab wounds, in her chest as well as her abdomen. She and all three of her daughters were taken to the hospital.

According to the court documents, the three daughters told police that their mother held them at knife point and asked them if they accepted Jesus Christ as their savior.

Additionally, Christensen allegedly told the police that her husband, Vaughn Christensen, had left messages on the cell phone which police found at the scene. She claimed that the messages were telling her that the world was coming to an end and she had to prepare the family to meet Jesus.

Pamela Christensen was not arrested until her discharge from the hospital. Taken into custody, she was charged with multiple felonies as follows: three counts of attempted first-degree murder, three counts of aggravated battery and three counts of aggravated unlawful restraint, according to a police statement, which the newspaper quotes. She remains in jail with bail set at $1 million and has a court appearance scheduled for October 16th.

As for additional details on Pamela Christensen’s bio and background, it is being reported that she and her husband, are in the midst of a divorce with the papers indicating that her husband was becoming more violent towards her and their daughters.

Approximately a month before the alleged attempted murder of her daughters Christensen filed for and was granted an order of protection against her husband. The order indicated that over the course of the past seven months he had become “increasingly erratic” and had threatened both to harm himself as well as the couple’s children.

Additionally, police indicated they had responded to “several suicidal incidents” at the residence.

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Photos: Pamela Christensen

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