Michael Whitington is a man in Denver, Colorado who was arrested and charged for alleged bank robbery. His mugshot photo reveals a gleeful smile and it has gone viral along with the story of what might have been just a “routine” crime.

Michael Whitington
Photo: Michael Whitington

This arrest of the 45-year-old Michael Whitington (booking photo from the Denver Police Department above) has made international news. Typically a bank robbery does not unless the circumstances are unusual in some way. In this case it was just simply that picture above.

While he may have entertained the Internet and social media, he faces a felony charge. According to ABC 7, quoting the he Denver District Attorney’s Office, Michael Whitington is alleged to have attempted to rob a TCF Bank on the 16th Street Mall in Denver and then escape via a light rail train.

Police stopped the train and apprehended him. Michael Whitington was arrested, booked and charged with one count of robbery and is being held on a $5,000 bond. ABC 7 dubs him the “light rail bandit” goes on to report that he is due in court on Tuesday.

A smiling mugshot always leaves one wondering what the accused had in mind. Did he imagine already that his image might go viral, or was it perhaps just the reflective reaction of being in front of a camera and thinking that he must, of obligation smile?

Of course it also begs the question, if he’s smiling that much having been caught and arrested for a crime, one wonders just how gleeful he might have been getting away with the alleged crime. But in lieu of success as the bank robber he is accused of being, Michael Whitington has found Internet fame instead with a memorable mugshot.