Jasmine Tridevil is the pseudonym of a Florida woman whose photos reveal she appears to have three breasts. She claims to have paid a plastic surgeon $20,000 to add the third breast. She aspires to have her own reality TV show. Hoax or true story? Either way she’s gotten worldwide attention.

Jasmine Tridevil

Photo: Jasmine Tridevil
Credit: Facebook

People go to extreme lengths for publicity in general and to take part in reality TV shows in general. Most especially when they believe they have a unique reason that the viewing public should be subjected to their daily lives.

With this story of Jasmine Tridevil — a self-described 21-year-old massage therapist — we see such an extreme and it’s hinted at in the fake name “Tridevil.” people will try anything for fame. Yes, the pictures which she has posted on Facebook and Twitter attest that she does not have a typical bosom. With numerous bikini selfies it’s clear that she’s different from other women if we go by appearances alone and assume no Photoshopping was involved. A gallery of some of these images can be seen below. As many have noted online and in social media where this story has caused a frenzy, her appearance is reminiscent of the three-breasted prostitute in the iconic 1990s movie ‘Total Recall.’

Jasmin Tridevil said in an interview with Real Radio 104.1 that it was a “few months ago” that she underwent the figure altering surgical procedure and that she had called “50 or 60 doctors” before finding one willing. She went on to say, “It was really hard finding someone that would do it too because they’re breaking the code of ethics.”

The code of ethics she references, as The Daily Mail points out is that of the American Board of Plastic Surgeons which states in part that “the principal objective of the medical profession is to render services to humanity with full respect for human dignity.”

This alone calls into question the truth of the claim. But then again, there are the unscrupulous in any profession.

She went on to claim that yes, the surgeon did perform the procedure with abdominal tissue and that due to a confidentiality agreement she signed she will not reveal the name of the surgeon.

She went on to say she now has a camera crew following her in and around Tampa, whom she hired at her own expense and that it is for her possible reality TV show on MTV, noting that she does not have the involvement of the channel.

In the interview, she denied that she is seeking fame, and said of the cosmetic procedure, ‘I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men,’ she claims. ‘Because I don’t want to date anymore.’

The story has drawn much attention and, obviously, is still unfolding. Check back for updates. The audio of the radio interview plus video plus photos of the allegedly surgically altered Jasmine Tridevil can been seen below.

Photos: Jasmine Tridevil
Credit: Facebook
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