The arrest of Stéphanie Boudoin a nurse in Quebec, Canada for allegedly burglarizing dozens of homes made her internationally famous as she was dubbed the world’s sexiest criminal. This time a bikini picture, not a mugshot earned her the title.

Stéphanie Beaudoin

Photo: Stéphanie Boudoin

We have seen the internet go collectively insane when alleged criminals look not like “criminals” (whatever that might be) or even “ordinary” people (ditto) but instead are incredibly glamorous and ready for the pages of a glossy magazine, GQ or Vogue, depending on gender.

Well, once again this has happened as the Montreal Journal in reporting on Stéphanie Boudoin’s arrest in Victoriaville, Canada, illustrated the story with a black bikini picture (above). While the story may have been written in French, the photo was on the other hand knew no language barrier to say the least.

Needless to say the story and the pictures went viral as it was irresistible for social media. Yet while the online world has been having a gleeful time the facts of the case unfold.

According to Daily Mail, quoting the local French language newspaper, La Nouvelle Union, Stéphanie Boudoin, a nurse, now faces 114 charges in total including theft and weapons possession for an alleged 42 burglaries. It is further alleged that she had three accomplices all of whom are underage; 13, 15 and 17 years old respectively.

Very few details of Stéphanie Boudoin’s bio and background have been reported in the local press. She has been described as a nurse. However, her fame has grown based on her appearance not the details of personal history and life story. In the collective imagination she is the latest criminal with dreamy looks. It was just earlier this year that the “handsome felon” Jeremy Meeks caused a sensation with his model looks in a mugshot.

Check back for updates on this developing story of Stéphanie Boudoin and the criminal charges against her.

Photos: Stéphanie Beaudoin
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