Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens are among the celebrities whose nude photos have leaked online, in another massive hacking incident. Hope Solo, Avril Lavigne and others are also said to be victims of this latest major leak of naked pictures.

Kim Kardashian

Photo: Kim Kardashian
Credit: PR Photos

As TMZ reports, the latest batch of nude photos were uploaded to 4chan and Reddit but were quickly deleted as the companies now have stricter policies in the aftermath of the previous massive hacking in August which saw more than 100 celebrities Apple iCloud accounts hacked including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Cara Delevingne and Jessica Brown Findlay. The news traveled quickly in social media, particularly Twitter where the names became trending topics.

E!News reports that several others are allegedly victims aside from the aforementioned. They include Leelee Sobieski and Lake Bellmay. E!News describes the images as mainly selfies.

Kim Kardashian may be everywhere, but it is on her own terms. The same is true for the other celebrities allegedly the victims in this latest hacking. Vanessa Hudgens, the former Disney star has already had an episode years ago of nude photos leaking online.

This incident reveals just how vulnerable celebrities are and, by extension how vulnerable anyone is who has ever taking a photo, nude or otherwise, and may not want the whole world to see it. As the world is still reeling from the last massive celebrity hacking — and the degree to which Apple iCloud is culpable — this one becomes just that reminder. While gone from 4chan and Reddit, it’s doubtful that these images are gone forever. Sadly we know that there really is no delete button on the Internet.

Thus far reps for the celebrities have not responded. Check back for updates on this developing story.