Joy Corrigan is a model who is suing Apple for the online leak of nude pictures from her account on iCloud. She alleges that before the massive leak of nude photos of more than 100 celebrities, her account was hacked twice and that when she brought it to Apple’s attention each time the company took no action.

Joy Corrigan

Photo: Joy Corrigan
Credit: Instagram

The 20-year-old Joy Corrigan is now in the news, voluntarily, for the lawsuit although the circumstances that have brought about this sudden burst of fame were not of her making or intention.

As TMZ reports, she claims that she contacted Apple in early July, weeks before the hacking of more than 100 celebrities and informed them that her account had been hacked. She alleges that Apple took no action and told her she had been the victim of a phishing and that she should change her password. She says she was hacked a second time shortly thereafter. When she contacted Apple again, she was told again that it was phishing. She alleges that Apple took no other measures.

It was several weeks later, at the end of August, that some of the world’s most well-known celebrities and public figures were victims of a massive hacking and leak of nude photos which hit the Internet on 4Chan. Among them Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Jessica Brown Findlay, Kim Kardashian and numerous others.

As Joy Corrigan’s nude photo leak happened weeks earlier, it was not reported in media. In going public, she is also hoping that some of the celebrity victims of the massive hacking and leak of nude photos will join her in a class action lawsuit according to TMZ.

While not a household name, Joy Corrigan has an active presence in social media, particularly Instagram where she has posted numerous pictures and selfies; some of these photos can be seen below. As for the lawsuit, check back for the latest updates on the story.

Photos: Joy Corrigan
Credit: Instagram

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