Veronica Rivas is a mother in Oceanside, California who was arrested and has been charged with murder for allegedly drowning her 22-month old infant son. According to the police, she admitted to killing the toddler.

Veronica Rivas

Photo: Veronica Rivas

The story has gone international, both due to the nature of the crime as well for the alleged admission of 28-year-old Veronica Rivas (mugshot photo above) to police of committing the crime.

According to NBC 7 San Diego, on Wedmesday, the Oceanside Police Department responded to a 911 call where the baby, 22-month-old Elijah, was found dead at the Oceanside home where Rivas lives. According to police it was the infant’s grandmother who placed the call. Police administered CPR until paramedics arrived, however the baby was pronounced dead at the scene.

Rivas was found unconscious in the home and rushed to Tri-City Medical Center. She was treated for an unspecified medical emergency, and an attempted suicide is speculated by neighbors

On Friday, police arrested Rivas at the hospital and she was booked into the Vista Detention Center. She was charged with first-degree murder. According to police, Rivas admitted that she drowned the baby and that she was suffering from depression over a custody battle with the baby’s father.

The report goes on to note that the investigation is still ongoing and Rivas may face more charges.

NBC 7 interviewed a nanny who said that Rivas had been in a custody battle with the child’s father — identified only as a Marine — for the past two months. She also said she had witnessed Rivas frequently crying and depressed over the situation.

No additional details of Veronica Rivas’ bio and background were reported.

Check back for updates on this developing story.