Kristen Hines is a woman in Tennessee who was arrested and has been charged for allegedly lying about undergoing cancer treatment in order to collect donations. She has an arrest record of previous forgery and had used forged documents posted on a Facebook page to support her efforts to solicit donations.

Kristen Hines Kristen Hines

Photos: Kristen Hines

The 35-year-old Kristen Hines (mugshot photos above) is a resident of Clarksville, Tennessee. She is also known as Kristen Rhonda Bible.

According to The Clarksville Leaf Chronicle quoting from the incident report, Kristen Hines is alleged to have perpetrated the deception by forging signatures of doctors at the Gateway-Vanderbilt Cancer Treatment Center in Clarksville and using it as proof of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. She posted the forged documents on Facebook on a page in which she depicted herself as a cancer patient in need of funding.

Along with the forged documents she also had posted photos of herself with a shaved head. Prior to being caught by authorities she had raised approximately $200 in funds.

The investigation began when a doctor at Gateway-Vanderbilt Cancer Treatment Center started receiving phone calls at her office from people who were attempting to make donations to help pay for Hines’ treatmetn at the center. The doctor confirmed to police that Hines’ was not a patient at the center and never had been. A second doctor at the center also confirmed that Hines had never been a patient at the center.

The incident report goes on to note that Kristen Hines had held a benefit at the Warehouse Bar and Grill in Clarkesville in order to raise to raise funds for her cancer treatment. She had scheduled a second fundraiser which was set to take place later in September at another establishment, according to the report. It was to be called the Chickin ‘n’ Pickin Cancer Benefit and was to be hosted by the Montgomery County Conservation Club. In the aftermath of her arrest, the event was cancelled.

The newspaper notes that Hines’ was arrested previously and charged with forgery committed in 2013. (Booking photos from the previous arrest are below.) At that time, she was working as a caretaker for an elderly couple and allegedly used their debit card without their knowledge or permission and made charges totaling $16,000. It is also alleged that she forged checks on their bank account and allegedly used the man’s Social Security number, date of birth and address to open two credit cards. According to official court records, in July of this year Hines was charged with 21 counts of forgery, two counts of identity theft and one count of theft over $10,00.

Hines was arrested in September for the recent alleged incident involving the cancer treatment and she was charged with an additional count of forgery and was booked into the Montgomery County Jail. She is being held on a $100,000 bond.

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Photos: Kristen Hines
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