Jana Weckerly is a former exotic dancer who is suing Dallas Cowboys’ owner for $1 million for sexual assault. The lawsuit which she has brought against the NFL football team owner has made international news as details are being revealed.

 Jana Weckerly

Photo: Jana Weckerly
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The 27-year-old Jana Weckerly is in the news as the lawsuit alleges that the 71-year-old Jerry Jones sexually assaulted her in either in June of 2009. Allegedly it took place in a luxury hotel bathroom. She is also reportedly the woman who took photos of Jones’ with two other women, allegedly strippers, and these photos are also alleged to have been taken during the incident that is the focus of the lawsuit. They were posted online in August by a gossip Web site.

According to the Daily Mail, which obtained a copy of the 11-page lawsuit, filed on behalf of Jana Weckerly of Ardmore, in Carter County, Oklahoma, it alleges that Jones “was in violation of state and federal criminal statutes regarding sexual abuse.” It’s further alleged that his “extreme and outrageous conduct” was intentional and that it caused Weckerly “severe emotional distress.”

The lawsuit also alleges that the NFL failed to have “policies for the protection of females.” As for the Dallas Cowboys, it’s alleged that the management “foster[ed] an environment and culture where abuse of females could flourish” and that there was a “cover-up” of the assault both by the Dallas Cowboys and by Jones which led Weckerly to be fearful of losing her life.

As for details of the assault, the lawsuit states that Jones “”forcibly rubbed” or grabbed her buttocks and breasts multiple times without her consent.” Additionally, it is alleged that Jones forced Weckerly to “‘touch/and or rub’ his penis and that [he] ‘forcibly penetrated’ her with his fingers.” The lawsuit also states that she was forced to watch as “a second woman perform a sex act on him.”

The document also states “‘The conduct of defendant Jerry Jones was in violation of state and federal criminal statutes regarding sexual abuse.”

According to the Dallas Morning News, the photos of Jerry Jones were taken during the alleged incidents. The pictures show two different women — neither of them are Weckerly. The newspaper further reports that the photos were published online in August. The photos can be seen here.

The newspaper also quotes Jerry Jones who said, “Someone has misrepresented photos taken at a restaurant five years ago for their own purposes. I’m just not going to comment on it.”

Weckerly’s attorney, Thomas Bowers, is also quoted as saying that she is in counseling and on medication for trauma in the aftermath of the incident. He told the newspaper in part, “‘It’s amazing how athletes are held to a different standard than the owners, who are allowed to do things an athlete would probably lose his job for. So, it’ll be very curious to see what the league does with this.”

A spokesman for the Dallas Cowboys, Rich Dalrymple, told 11alive.com: “These allegations are completely false.”

With this highly publicized legal case there is much curiosity over the woman who has filed it and thus a search for pictures and any publicly available information. An online Jana Weckerley bio on Total Talent, a Web site for models and actors, reveals that she is a model from Oklahoma, and that her height is five-foot-three and her weight is 124 pounds and she lists “exotic dancing” as one of her additional skills.

The story is developing. Check back for updates. Photos are below.

Photos: Jana Weckerly
Credit: Facebook

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