Joan Rivers’ final interview, released posthumously finds her joking about her own death and speaking on how she stayed so fit and healthy. Inadvertently a characteristically lively discussion with Closer magazine has now become the comic legend’s last.

Joan Rivers

Photos: Joan Rivers
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Her death a week after being rushed to rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City after going into cardiac arrest in the midst of an outpatient medical procedure leaves the world in sadness and yet in awe of the staggering legacy she has left behind. At the same time we know that the end of that legacy has come.

Joan Rivers was very much in the midst of an active and purposeful life which is what makes the death all the more tragic. After all, she had performed stand-up comedy the night before that fateful morning that news broke all around the world that she had been rushed to the hospital.

That begged the question. How, at 81 did she keep up such a schedule. She answered that question just two days before that ill-fated day. As reported by The Daily Mail, she told, Closer she revealed she stayed fit by using a treadmill. She is quoted as saying, “I’m that moron who always walks up the stairs – I won’t use the elevator.”

As for her work schedule, she said, “I’ve had periods in my life when I wasn’t famous and no one would give me a show so now I never take a break. I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

What would have been yet another lively and inspirational read is instead a tribute and testament to the life that has come to an end much too soon.

It was just two months earlier that Joan Rivers made headlines for walking out of her CNN interview anchor Fredricka Whitfield, as they were speaking about her book, ‘Diary of a Mad Diva.’ In ending that interview, she had again encapsulated her life, saying, “I’ve made people laugh for 50 years.”

And indeed, she did. A few of Joan Rivers’ last television interviews are below.