Stacy Setliff is a member of a booster club for a high school football team in North Carolina who has been arrested and charged for allegedly having sex with two male students who are players on the team. She has also being accused of sending them nude pictures.

Stacy Setliff

Photo: Stacy Setliff

The 44-year-old Stacy Setliff (mugshot photo above) is a resident of Reidsville, North Carolina. According to a report from WFMY News 2, she not a school employee at Reidsville Senior High School nor is she an official volunteer for the school’s football team. She is however a member of the Reidsville Touchdown Football Booster Club which operates independently from the school board.

WFMY News 2 goes on to quote the Reidsville Police who say that they received a tip from Crime Stoppers alleging improper conduct of an adult with male students in Reidsville Senior High who were involved in the school’s athletic program. Additionally, police also received an anonymous phone call in which the same allegations were made.

Police then conducted an investigation and concluded that the alleged incidents took place between February and August of this year.

According to Fox 8, quoting Captain Brian Oakley of the Reidsville Police Department Setliff “was having oral sex with students.” She is also alleged to have sent nude photos to the students, according to the investigators. The report goes on to note that the investigation is still underway.

Stacy Setliff surrendered to Reidsville Police for arrest and she was booked into jail. She has been charged with two counts of Felony Sexual Activity with a Student by School Personnel Other Than a Teacher, School Administrator, Student Teacher, Coach or School Safety Officer. She has also been charged with two misdemeanor counts of Disseminating Harmful Materials to Minors. Her bond is set at $40,000.

The story is developing. Check back for updates.