May Myat Noe is a Myanmar beauty queen who was crowned Miss Asia Pacific World and, months later, stripped of the title by organizers for an “ungrateful attitude.” It is alleged that she has stolen the crown.

May Myat Noe

Photo: May Myat Noe
Credit: Facebook

The story of the 18-year-old model and beauty queen and her alleged theft of a Swarovski tiara said to be valued at between $100,000 and $200,000 has of course gone viral. It’s a case of truth being stranger than fiction, assuming that all of the details alleged wind up being verified.

In a year that has seen many pageant winners all around the world losing their crowns for a wide variety of reasons — the usual nude picture scandals and the like — this one has the added twist with the allegation that May Myat Noe actually literally stole the crown.

According to the Daily Mail, it all began back in May of this year when May Myat Noe was crowned Miss Asia Pacific World. The newspaper quotes David Kim, director of media for Miss Asia Pacific World, who said she had been a “disappointment” from the start of her reign. The organizers and sponsors wanted her to get breast augmentation surgery, and, according to the spokesman, the sponsors paid for the surgery. This was to help her in her singing career.

He is quoted as saying, “It’s our responsibility. If she has no good nose, then maybe, if she likes, we can operate on her nose. If it’s breasts, then breasts.”

Reportedly the pageant organizers paid for a 10-day trip to Seoul, South Korea for May Myat Noe and that the trip instead lasted for three months with the organizers incurring the added cost.

According to a statement from the organizers, Noe “lied” and “never had respect for the main organization, the national director, the manager, media or fans who made her the winner.” The full statement was released to Asia Online here and it says in part that she lost the title for an “ungrateful attitude and trustworthiness.” The statement also alleges that Noe and her mother spent so much time in South Korea in an “illegal attempt” to obtain a visa.

The spokesman Kim is further quoted as saying, “Everyone knows she is no longer the queen, but she thinks as long as she keeps this crown she’s the winner. She’s not.”

While there was some historic importance already with this being the first time Myammar had a beauty queen competing in a pageant of that scope, now with this odd turn of events, there is a heightened interest in the May Myat Noe biography details. A few particulars are publicly known. Her height is variously reported at five-foot-seven and five-foot-eight. Her profession is reported as model. She has a Facebook page.

The story is developing. Check back for updates. Meanwhile check out a gallery of pictures of May Myat Noe is below.

Photos: May Myat Noe
Credit: Facebook

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