Journalist Amanda Goff is making headlines in Australia and worldwide as she reveals her double life as Samantha X, a high paid escort in an interview on ‘Sunday Tonight.’ It has made for riveting television and much discussion.

Photo: Amanda Goff

It’s become a sensation that has gone far beyond Australia. Amanda Goff is a 40-year-old journalist and the mother of two young children. She has had such prestigious jobs as beauty editor of Prevention Magazine in Australia. She has also worked for InStyle and for New Look as well as a TV presenter.

She has now written a book about her double life, “Secrets of a High-Class Escort” revealing she has also been an $800 an hour, $5,000 per night escort.

So what gives, the world wants to know. Amanda Goff, in her interview with reporter James Thomas on ‘Sunday Tonight’ says this, of her double life, “When I look back on how I juggled the two lives, I am astounded.”

And, it should be noted, she’s speaking of an ongoing double life, not reflecting on a past life. And while the world is now finding out, it’s not been a secret in her circles, as she reveals.

She said “I volunteer at the school tuckshop and most parents know what I do.” She went on to add, “I’ve had times when I have thought, ‘What am I doing?’

Continuing her reflections, she said, “I had everything — a wonderful job in the media, a wonderful husband — and it sounds wild that I gave it up to become an escort.”

And, candidly, she said, “I do have times when I think, ‘What the hell am I doing? Geez, look at my wrinkles, am I really going to charge $800 an hour for this?’ ”

You can see more quotes from the interview and numerous pictures both of Amanda Goff and of her alter-ego Samantha X via the Australia Daily Telegraph here and more pictures here. The video of the interview is below.

Now the news is out as is her book. The double life is no longer a secret. Nonetheless, these details of a well-established professional life that comprise the Amanda Goff bio (as confirmed by her LinkedIn profile here) belie expectations and stereotypes. Perhaps by now we are used to hearing about college students and grad students who pay their tuition and/or student loans variously as escorts and/or the “sugar babes” of sugar daddies.

It just goes to show we ought not to have such stereotypes. The video of the much talked about interview is below!