Sofia Abramovich is the daughter of Roman Abramovich, the billionaire Russian businessman and owner of Chelsea FC in the UK. She has put photos on Instagram letting the world know what it’s like being the daughter of a billionaire. It would appear to be the proverbial enviable life at least as measured by visible opulence!

Sofia Abramovich

Photo: Sofia Abramovich
Credit: Instagram

The 19-year-old Sofia Abramovichis making quite a splash all of a sudden with her numerous photos on Instagram. It goes to show how much the world has changed. Who needs the debutante ball when one has access to social media!

As is so often the case these days, such pictures on social media get picked up by major news and celebrity news outlets. In this case, it was the Daily Mail that sent the pictures and the story going viral. It’s a collection of selfies, family photos — some of which date back to her childhood — and some candid shots of her taking part in equestrian sports. As such, those looking for scandals and leaked nude photos are met with disappointment, but for the curious, the pictures are captivating.

As for the details of the Sofia Abramovich biography, as noted, she is the daughter of a billionaire, the 47-year-old Roman Abramovich, principal of Millhouse, LLC who is currently the 50th richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of $14.6 billion according to Forbes.

She is one of five children. Her mother is Irina Abramovich, the second wife of Abramovich; the couple were divorced in 2007. Her stepmother is her father’s current wife, Dasha Zhukova, whom he married a few years ago.

As the pictures attest she competes in equestrian sports. Whether she will take a familiar career path as model, actress, and/or television personality is unknown. In addition to Instagram, she is also active on Facebook.

You can see a full gallery of Sofia Abramovich pictures below.

Photos: Sofia Abramovich
Credit: Instagram, Facebook

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