Amanda Arellano is a mother in Georgia who pleaded guilty to the rape and sexual molestation of her two daughters, six and eight years old at the time, committed with her boyfriend. The judge sentenced her to 30 years and uttered a curse word from the bench to describe her and said there was a “special place in hell” for her.

Amanda Arellano

Photo: Amanda Arellano

The 29-year-old Amanda Arellano (mugshot photo above) of Macon, Georgia, accepted a plea deal and was convicted and sentenced for taking part, with her boyfriend, the 30-year-old Daniel Kelly Copeland in the sexual abuse and rape of her two young daughters.

As the graphic and deeply disturbing details of the case have been made public through the proceedings at Bibb County Superior Court, the story has gone international. According to, quoting the the words of the prosecutor Arellano and Copeland included the children “into their sexual behaviors as a couple.”

The couple sexually abused their children from September 2011 through January 2012. The two little girls were forced to take part in sex acts. It was further revealed that the girls Arellano held down one of the girls so that Copeland could rape her. The couple also took photos of the girls and also forced them to watch as they had sex with each other.

Amanda Arellano and Daniel Kelly Copeland were both arrested in 2012 after Copeland’s father reported them to authorities after his son admitted to having had inappropriate contact with the victims. also reports that during the court proceedings, Arellano spoke out and said, “I’m sorry. … I’m so sorry. And I will punish myself more than you can probably ever punish me, sir.”

In response Judge Howard Simms is quoted as saying, “Ms. Arellano, I don’t know that I have ever said a curse word from this bench but you may be the vilest bitch that I have ever met.” He went on to note that there is “a special place in hell for people who do” as she had done.

She received a 30-year prison sentence followed by lifetime parole as a registered sex offender.

For his part, last year, Daniel Kelly Copeland pleaded guilty to rape and four counts of aggravated child molestation. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison followed by lifetime probation and is currently serving the term.