Paola Builes Aristizabal is a former Miss Colombia beauty pageant contestant who lost her crown after winning Miss Antioquia, a local pageant when a bikini picture was leaked to social media and deemed inappropriate for being “too suggestive” by the organizers. Her story has gone international.


Photo: Paola Builes Aristizabal
Credit: Facebook

This has been the year of beauty queens losing their crowns for a variety of reasons which, at least, to outsiders seem at best debatable.

Here are the details on this latest case as reported by Latin Post, just days after the 21-year-old Paola Builes Aristizabal was crowned Miss Antioquia the “inappropriate” bikini photo was leaked to social media reportedly by a rival.

The photo has cost her the crown as well a the opportunity to compete in the Miss Colombia pageant in the fall.

A nude photo is one thing, but who can define definitively what is “too suggestive” when it comes to a bikini? The photo of Paola Builes Aristizabal has hit social media, including Twitter; you can see it below, along with some photos which she herself has put on social media.

The Latin Post goes on to report that she has spoken out, and they report her as saying “I feel discriminated against because there are other candidates that have pictures of themselves in lingerie, in tiny clothing, so I feel there’s discrimination.” She also said the photos had been online for “at least two years.”

While she had a chance to win Miss Colombia she has achieved notoriety and perhaps some sympathy as well, and the details of the Paola Builes Aristizabal biography must now include this unexpected foray into international fame. As are many beauty queens these days, she is active on Instagram as well as on Facebook page.

Check back for more details, as this is a developing story. A gallery of pictures is below along with the controversial image.

Photos: Paola Builes Aristizabal
Credit: Facebook

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