Alexandra Fusco is a former teacher in Bennington, Vermont who has been arrested and charged with sexual assault and other felonies for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old male student and for allegedly sending nude photos to another student, 17.

Alexandra Fusco

Photo: Alexandra Fusco

The 25-year-old Alexandra Fusco (photo above; more images below) is formerly a teacher’s aide and residential counselor at the Bennington School in Bennington, Vermont. It is a residential facility for “children and adolescents who have experienced complex emotional trauma” according to the official Web site. She is also formerly an employee of a Department of Corrections facility.

According to the Bennington Banner quoting from a Bennington Police affidavit the alleged 16-year-old male victim reported that he had had sexual encounters with Fusco while he was a student at the Bennington School in 2013.

The alleged victim told police that Fusco, in expressing her interest in him said that she wished he were 18. He further claimed that he and Fusco had sex one night in nearby woods and that prior to the sexual encounter she had shown him her breasts and, in another instance, made a sexual comment.

The teen said that when he ran away from the school he was then placed in another residential facility, 204 Depot Street, for juveniles in Bennington. He said that Fusco told him that she had been fired from her job because she had contact with him on Facebook after he ran away. He further alleged that she told him that if he ran away from that facility he could stay with her at her house.

The alleged victim also claimed that when he was in Swanton, Vermont, he and Fusco arranged, via Facebook to meet and that she drove three and a half hours to reach the location where they had sex together. He said that he declined to return to Bennington with her when asked.

In another affidavit another alleged victim, 17 years old, who was at 204 Depot Street said that Fusco and he had been communicating on Snapchat and that in one instance she had unbuttoned her blouse in his presence and asked if he liked it. He also claimed that Fusco had sent nude photos of herself to him which he had saved on his laptop computer and later deleted.

When police spoke with Alexandra Fusco she claimed that she discontinued communicating with the two male students after a new policy at 204 Depot Street was implemented which bars employees from having residents as Facebook friends. She told police that she deleted both of them from her friends list and also denied having any other communication with either of them. According to the police there are cell phone records indicating she had contact with one of the alleged victims.

Alexandra Fusco was arrested and in Vermont Superior Court she pleaded not guilty to repeated aggravated sexual assault of a child, sexual assault of a child under 16 she had care of, and lewd and lascivious conduct. All of the charges are felonies; the sexual assault charges carry a maximum lie sentence and the repeated assault charge has a minimum 25-year prison sentence.

Fusco is being held without bail pending a “weight of evidence” hearing which will determine under what conditions, if any, she can be released.

The newspaper also quoted Fusco’s attorney who said that additional cell phone records if made available for the weight of the evidence hearing could cast doubt on what has been alleged. He additionally noted that Fusco “no longer works in a position of authority over children and had no criminal history.”

The story is developing. Check back for updates including mugshot photo.

Photos: Alexandra Fusco
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