Katherine Anne Jennings is a mother in North Carolina who was arrested and has been charged in the death of her infant son. He was the second of her two sons to die under mysterious circumstances and the deaths occurred 18 months apart. In each instance she was sleeping with the baby at the time of his death.

Katherine Anne Jennings

Photo: Katherine Anne Jennings

The 33-year-old Katherine Anne Jennings (mugshot photo above) was arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina for the December 2013 death of her eight-month old son, Luke Stephen Phillips. He died while sleeping with her according to a report in The Charlotte Observer. Jennings’ other son, James Robert Phillips, died in June 2012 — also while sleeping with her — and was four months old at the time of his death.

Once arrested, she was transported to Brunswick County, which is where both of the infants died, and booked into jail where she remains on a $50,000 bond. She was charged with involuntary manslaughter, a felony which carries a sentence of 10 month to 59 months.

The newspaper goes on to report that this was the first time that the Brunswick County Assistant District Attorney Lee Bollinger had filed criminal charges against a parent who was co-sleeping with an infant who died. Bollinger did not disclose to the newspaper what prompted the arrest of Katherine Anne Jennings but he is indirectly quoted as saying that “similar cases nationwide usually involve parents who exhibit a dangerous pattern of behavior and disregard the safety of their children.”

The newspaper goes on to report that Bollinger did not say why no charges were filed for the death of Jennings’ first child, the four-month old James Robert Phillips. The cause of death was suffocation, according to the medical examiner. As noted, the baby died while co-sleeping with her. Originally the death was deemed an accident and later changed to “undetermined” by state officials.

The Charlotte Observer also reports some additional details of Katherine Anne Jennings’ bio and background, noting that according to public records she has at least four DUI arrests in her native Georgia. She is recently divorced from Seth Phillips, the father of the two infants who died. Phillips, who is in the Coast Guard, was away when both deaths occurred. The divorced couple has a surviving four-year-old daughter now living with Phillips in Tennessee.

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Photos: Katherine Anne Jennings

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