Claire Ogilvie is a former lawyer and teacher in Virginia who was arrested and has now been indicted by a grand jury and faces felony counts for the alleged assault of Nancy Tramontin, the wife of David Toscano, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. Her initial arrest made international headlines, and she is in the news again as she faces new charges.

Claire Ogilvie

Photo: Claire Ogilvie

The 35-year-old Claire Ogilvie (mugshot photo above), a former high school teacher in Greene County, Virginia was originally arrested in February for allegedly breaking into the Charlottesville home of Virginia State House Minority Leader David Toscano and an alleged physical attack of his wife, Nancy Tramontin who required hospitalization for injuries she sustained that night, according a contemporaneous news report by The Roanoke Times.

In the months that followed, she remained in jail since February and had undergone a mental evaluation, according to NBC 29.

Now she has been indicted by a grand jury. According to CBS 6 quoting official court documents, Claire Ogilvie was indicted and faces three felony charges of entering a house armed, abduction and malicious wounding.

At the time of the alleged attack in February the Toscano family released a statement in which Nancy Tramontin acknowledged having meet and befriended Ogilvie in 2010 on a cruise ship. Ogilvie was taking part in “Semester at Sea” program which enables students to take classes while on a cruise ship.

The statement went on to note that the Toscano family maintained a friendship with Ogilvie after the cruise and that Tramontin had helped her relocate to Charlottesville and had included her in “family holidays, and community events and generally trying to welcome her to the community.”

At a latter point, as the statement continues, Nancy Tramontin had concerns that Ogilvie “had developed an unsettling interest in the Toscano family” and that “the family reduced their contact” and had not seen her since the fall of 2012.

Claire Ogilvie’s biography details and her academic and professional background has drawn interest as the case made headlines. She attended Yale University and George Washington University Law School. Back in 2005 she was a contestant on ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ and won $50,000.

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Photos: Claire Ogilvie

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