Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson are engaged! The two WNBA players announced their exciting news with proposal photos on Instagram which you can see right here. It was Griner who proposed to her girlfriend and now fiance!

Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson:

Photo: Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson
Credit: Instagram

The 23-year-old Brittney Griner is with the WNBA Phoenix Mercur and her 24-year-old fiance Glory Johnson plays for the WNBA Tulsa Shock. But when it comes to love they are clearly on the same team.

Griner posted the romantic picture (above) on her Instgram account with the caption: “”Last Night was a Night to Remember. I became the happiest person on this earth! (Almost pass[ed] out but when that one word came out I came back to life) Me and my baby @missvol25 are in it for Life!””

Yes, the word is out. We live in changing times. We have seen many proposal pictures and video for that matter. This time, we see a woman kneeling with an engagement ring in her hand hoping that her girlfriend will say yes. And indeed she did.

Adding to the historical magnitude, the two women just happen to be two current WNBA stars who are about to tie the knot! The world of professional sports just like the world at large is rapidly changing. And too, lest we forget to be thankful that a wedding day is possible, legally speaking, as same-sex marriage becomes the law in many states.

Yes, word is out. That’s the allure of social media in our age of sharing and oversharing. The news goes viral and the whole world celebrates your happy news with you. See Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson’s proposal photo along with another photo below!

Photos: Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson:
Credit: Instagram

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