Mary Faith McCormick is a sixth grade teacher in Arkansas who has been arrested and charged with felony rape for allegedly having sex with a 13-year-old boy and exchanging explicit photos and messages with him using Snapchat.

Mary Faith McCormick

Photo: Mary Faith McCormick

The 32-year-old Mary Faith McCormick (mugshot photo above) is a teacher at Siloam Springs Intermediate School in Siloam Springs, Akansas where she teaches sixth graders.

According to 5NEWS, quoting the probable cause affidavit Siloam Springs Police Department began their investigation of Mary Faith McCormick earlier this month after reports that alleged she was having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a young male student which happened allegedly during June, July and August.

According to the probable cause affidavit McCormick had sex with the alleged victim at least twice. It is further alleged that the sexual encounters first started when the alleged victim was dared by a friend to contact McCormick. The affidavit goes on to note that on one occasion the alleged victim and a friend watched a movie at the teacher’s apartment. The friend left and the boy remained and had sex with McCormick in her bedroom.

The affidavit also states that McCormick and the teenager sent each other Snapchat messages of their genitalia during the time of their sexual involvement. It also notes that a 12-year-old female friend of the alleged victim discovered one of the Snapchat messages when she borrowed his phone. The message had sexual comments and an image of McCormick wearing only a towel.

During the investigation, police “confiscated two USB thumb drives, an Apple iPad, two Apple iPhones and a desktop computer.” Additionally a search of McCormick’s Snapchat account revealed numerous photos and videos of the alleged victim. Additionally a photo of a woman’s breasts was also found, believed to be McCormick.

The probable cause affidavit also states that police also interviewed an eyewitness who looked at the alleged victim’s iPhone and saw “several inappropriate sexual messages and photographs.” Among these was a photo of McCormick with her hair wet and revealing her breasts. Along with it was a message that said: “I’m not dirty anymore.” The eyewitness also said she saw messages which suggested a romantic relationship between the alleged victim and the teacher.

Mary Faith McCormick was arrested and was booked into Benton County Jail charged with felony rape. She spent the night in jail and had a court appearance the next morning. Her bond was set at $50,000.

5News goes on to note that the investigation is ongoing. As for details on Mary Faith McCormick’s bio and professional background, according to her Facebook account she is a married mother of at least one child, a daughter. Her father is also employed as a teacher by the Siloam Springs School District.

According to the school’s official Web site, she is known by her middle and last name, Faith McCormick. Siloam Springs superintendent Ken Ramey confirmed to 5News that she has been suspended with pay pending outcome of the investigation.

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