Jolisa Renee Peterson is a mother in Houston, Texas who was arrested for allegedly locking her six-year-old daughter out of her apartment while she had sex with her boyfriend. Police responded when the child was seen trying to cross a busy intersection alone.

Jolisa Renee Peterson

Photo: Jolisa Renee Peterson

The news of the arrest of 22-year-old Jolisa Renee Peterson (mugshot above) and the allegations against her have made international news. it is yet another story of the alleged neglectful conduct of a parent which potentially puts a child at risk. It’s been a summer of hot car deaths and other tragedies. While this case did not result in a death, the circumstances are disturbing.

According to report, quoting from official court documents, in May of this year, police were notified by onlookers who witnessed a little girl attempting to cross a busy intersection at a freeway; Sam Houston Parkway at Vickery Drive.

When police responded to the call, the six-year-old child told them she had been told by her mother to “go outside and play” and that her mother said she was “asleep with a boy.”

The child also said she had not gone to school that day and that she already made two trips to the gas station she was attempting to reach when she was spotted. To reach the station — which was more than half a mile away — she had to cross two busy intersections.

The report goes on to note that when questioned by police Jolisa Renee Peterson denied knowing her daughter was outside. However, police found that the apartment door was locked from the inside and that the child did not have a key. The manager at the apartment complex told police she had seen the girl as well as a two-year-old boy, her brother, frequently unsupervised.

Jolisa Renee Peterson was arrested back in May. In a court appearance on Friday she was charged with child endangerment for the alleged incident.

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