Thabiso Phiri, Miss Zimbabwe lost her crown six weeks after the pageant when nude pictures of her were leaked online to social media sites allegedly by her boyfriend. She was to have represented her country this year in the Miss World pageant.

Thabiso Phiri

Photo: Thabiso Phiri
Credit: Facebook

The story of the beauty queen and law student has made international news. Rarely is it that a pageant winner gets this kind of attention and usually it is for reasons along these lines; a scandal. It’s as if the world expects these pageant contestants to have some sort of hidden past that will surface. These days, it’s all the more likely thanks to social media. Our digital footprints are not easily erased.

According to the Scotsman, quoting, the Sunday Mail, the state-controlled newspaper in Zimbabwe: “Reliable sources said Phiri photographed herself while in the nude and sent the images to her lover, who in turn allegedly leaked them via social media platforms.” The newspaper is further quoted saying, of the circumstances of her resignation, “It is understood that she stepped down to protect the reputation of the Miss Zimbabwe Trust ahead of the Miss World pageant.”

The Scotsman further notes that the pageant organizer via the Miss Zimbabwe Trust is Mary Mubaiwa-Chiwenga a former model and the wife of an army general. The organization released a statement that read in part: “It must be emphasised that the decision by Miss Thabiso Phiri to step down is personal to her and no duress or undue influence [has been] brought to bear upon her in making this decision… The Miss Zimbabwe Trust regrets this turn of events after putting so much resources into the event leading to her being crowned.”

Little is known of the circumstances of the leak of Thabiso Phiri’s nude photos, but as is typical when a public figure is involved, such pictures go viral quickly and are online forever for those who choose to Google to find them.

Being notorious and being famous have become indistinguishable, and in this case, whether one wants to look at the notoriety in a negative way or not it has driven much interest in the Thabiso Phiri biography details. Who is the woman who lost her crown who otherwise would just have been among the field of contenders for the Miss World title. Other than her status as a law student little is known. She does have a Facebook page.

Check back for more details, as this is a developing story. A gallery of pictures of Thabiso Phiri is below.

Photos: Thabiso Phiri
Credit: Facebook

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