Princess Marks is a woman in Louisiana who was arrested for allegedly leaving her two young children unattended in a car while she engaged in oral sex with her boyfriend in his SUV in a parking lot.

Princess Marks

Photos: Princess Marks

The news of the arrest of 25-year-old Princess Marks (mugshot above) and the alleged salacious circumstances quickly went international as it is one of many such stories of parents allegedly leaving children unattended in vehicles this summer. Some cases have resulted in death as in the case of the Georgia father, Justin Ross Harris, alleged to have left his 10-month old son in the car intentionally.

Thankfully, the children were unharmed in this situation. According to the official police report, via The Smoking Gun, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies allege that they caught Princess Marks performing oral sex as a man later identified as her boyfriend while in his vehicle which was parked at a store parking lot in Lake Charles, Louisiana. They were responding to a report that children had been left unattended in an SUV.

The report further alleges that Princess Marks admitted that her two children — five and seven years old — were in the SUV and that she could not see them where she was in her boyfriend’s vehicle.

Marks was arrested, booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center. She was charged with child desertion and released after posting $5,000 bond. The children, according to the report, were placed with family members.

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