Former Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin was arrested in South Carolina and charged with disorderly conduct. See the mugshot photo here and find out more about the reported circumstances that led to her arrest.

 Farrah Franklin

Photo: Farrah Franklin

The arrest of the 33-year-old singer has put her in the headlines again all over the world, as is typical with such cases. It has been more than a dozen years since she was a member of the iconic Destiny’s Child — and she was a member for just a few months — but nonetheless, she is in the news again and her booking photo (above) has gone viral.

According to TMZ, quoting official law enforcement sources, Farrah Franklin was found lying down in the front yard of a stranger in Conway, South Carolina. She was allegedly so drunk when arrested that she told the police she was planning to sleep in the woods.

TMZ went on to report on the underlying circumstances, again quoting police sources, Franklin flew to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with NFL player Da’Quan Bowers. Along with another NFL player, Ricky Sapp, they were “out on the town” during the weekend and were drinking.

Sapp and Bowers allegedly told the police they suspected that Franklin had also done drugs because she had been spending extended time in the bathroom. They are the ones who called the police when Franklin when she allegedly was screaming and slamming doors. When police arrived she had left the house and they had to search for her and found her, as noted, lying down in a yard in the neighborhood.

Police described Franklin as “highly intoxicated” and “unsteady on her feet,” but she denied using drugs. She told police she had nowhere to go and planned on sleeping in the woods.

Farrah Franklin was arrested by the Horry County Sheriff’s office and charged with disorderly conduct. She was released after paying a $280 fine.

In the aftermath of the arrest, she spoke out in an Instagram post, saying, “I’m good, just hate the dumb media sometimes, but, hey, that’s the job I signed up for. So I respect it.”

Check back for updates in the developing story.