Alix Tichelman is a high-end prostitute from Georgia who has been arrested and charged for her alleged role in the heroine overdose death of a Google executive who was her client. See photos and get the latest developments on the case which has made international news.

Alix Tichelman

Photo: Alix Tichelman

The 26-year-old call girl Alix Catherine Tichelman (mugshot above; more pictures below) was arrested for allegedly injecting the 51-year-old Forrest Hayes with a lethal dose of heroin last November on board his yacht in Santa Cruz harbor in California. Her name is variously, and mistakenly, reported as Alex Tichelman.

According to the KION quoting from the official police sources, Alix Tichelman had a long-term prostitute-client relationship with Forrest Hayes whom she had met — along with other men — via the Web site Seeking Arrangement, well known for facilitating sugar daddy-sugar babe relationships.

Investigators uncovered evidence in the form of text messages between Tichelman and Hayes. Investigators further alleged that she met with on his yacht in November the night of his death and that she supplied him with the fatal dose of heroin.

The report quotes Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark who said that the text messages and emails revealed that Tichelman and Hayes “had a previous relationship” and had “shared time together before.” He went on to say, “We also know what she did in the aftermath of this. We have her computer records, we know the Google searches that she made, the things she did to try to get herself out of this.”

Additionally, he said they had obtained surveillance video from the yacht. He said, “It showed our suspect, it showed our victim, it showed her injecting him with heroin, showed her absolute callousness, after the fact, as he starts to have medical complications. There was no effort to call 911.”

Clark went on to elaborate upon the callousness of Tichelman as revealed in the video, saying that as she was gathering up her belongings she was seen stepping over the Hayes’ several times. She also stepped over his body to finish a glass of wine. Before leaving the yacht, she lowed a blind to hide the body from view.

KION goes on the quote Clark who said the investigation was ongoing and that Alix Tichelman has suspected involvement in another similar death in another state. She was identified both from the video as well as from fingerprints on the wine glass.

He said that police lured back to Santa Cruz by posing as a prospective client who promised to pay her $1,000. She was arrested on the 4th of July and she was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail on suspicion of second-degree murder, concealing evidence and transportation of narcotics. She is being held on $1.5 million bail.

As for background details and bio of Alix Tichelman, KSBW reports that jail records indicate she listed her profession as “model.” According to her Facebook account she is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and lives in the Sacramento, California area. She lists her profession as “makeup artist” for and has a journalism degree from Georgia State University.

The station further reports on some of the Facebook postings she had made since Forrest Hayes’ death including one in late June in which she said, “”It’s really nice to talk with someone about killing sprees and murdering people in cold blood…and they love it too. No judgement. Yay!”

As for the victim, Forrest Hayes, he was originally from Dearborne, Michigan and was a married father who leaves behind a wife and five children. Prior to working at Google, he had begun his career in the auto industry and later worked at Apple and Sun Microsystems.

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Photos: Alix Tichelman
Credit: Facebook, Twitter

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