Neslie Ricasa is Joey Chestnut’s girlfriend, and now finance! The competitive eater proposed to her right before winning the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating competition on the 4th of July, putting away a staggering 61 hotdogs in 10 minutes to win for the eighth consecutive time. See the photos of the happy couple and the engagement ring.

Neslie Ricasa

Photo: Neslie Ricasa
Credit: Twitter

It’s one of those traditions of the 4th of July that’s become bigger and bigger each year even as the competitive eaters are able to consume staggering numbers of hotdogs to win the title at Nathan’s at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York

This year there was much anticipation. Would the defending champion Joey “Jaws” Chestnut win yet again? But along with winning that title, he surprised the audience and his girlfriend Neslie Ricasa as well with a proposal live in front of the gathered audience in Coney Island as well as the worldwide viewing audience. And now, after those exciting moments, it lives on in viral video perpetuity.

After the competition, Neslie Ricasa Tweeted a photo of the engagement ring (which you can see below) and said, “the best 4th ever! so much love from so many people, thank you all so much! i love you @joeyjaws!” It’s a beautiful emerald cut diamond and she reveals a patriotic red, white and blue manicure with a Star Spangled Banner motif.

As for Neslie Ricasa’s biography and background details, in her own words, according to her Twitter profile, she is an accounting grad and sushi server from San Jose, California and goes on to call herself the “best girlfriend to the greatest competitive eater.”

You can see the replay video below of Joey Chestnut’s marriage proposal and the hot dog eating competition. See a full gallery of pictures here.

Photos: Neslie Ricasa
Credit: Twitter

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