Lucy Hale opened up about her “very uncomfortable” audition for ’50 Shades of Grey.’ The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star and country music singer revealed what was so “awkward” that she had to do in vying for the coveted role of Anastasia Steele in the screen adaptation of the EL James erotic bestseller.

Lucy Hale

Photos: Lucy Hale
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Lucy Hale is one of few actresses to break silence about the audition process of one of the most anticipated movies which is still months from its opening date. She is much in the news with the recent release of her new country music ‘Road Between’ as well as for her recent split with from boyfriend, country music artist Joel Crouse.

She spoke out in an interview with MTV News, revealing why she wanted the role of Anastasia Steele, the love object of the S&M aficionado and business tycoon Christian Grey. Those roles have since gone to Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan respectively.

Lucy Hale said she wanted “something a little different” and went on to add, “I think any girl in my demographic would have loved to be a part of it. Mainly, I was just interested in doing something risky and doing something a little different than my character on [Pretty Little Liars’ so it took me out of my comfort zone.”

And she went on to explain that even the audition process itself took her far away from the familiar. She called it “awkward” and said it was “unlike any audition I have ever done before in my life.” Although she did not get explicit, we can infer much from her remark, “Let’s just say I don’t want my grandmother watching this audition tape.”

She said that she auditioned alone and that “it was a two-page monologue of exactly what you would think it would be.” She went on to say it was “Very uncomfortable, but it was sort of one of those things where you just had to go for it or you’re just gonna look lame — hopefully, I didn’t look lame.”

While it is a far cry from the audition tape itself, her words do offer some insight into the casting process which itself made news several months ago, as rumors were rampant as to who was under consideration for the lead roles and who actually had auditioned. And, too, we witnessed the backlash, particularly against the original actor, Charlie Hunnam, cast as Christian Grey, who weeks later withdrew from the project.

You can see the video below and watch Lucy Hale spill the details on ’50 Shades of Grey!’