Robin Thicke opened up about his new album, ‘Paula’ named after his wife, actress Paula Patton, and its deeply personal songs in a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest. Find out what the R&B music superstar had to say about what it was like to write, record and release the songs he himself confesses can be “overwhelming” for him to listen to.

Paula Patton Robin Thicke

Photo: Robin Thicke with Paula Patton
Credit: PR Photos

Robin Thicke was candid and reflective in his interview with Ryan Seacrest on the release of his new album, ‘Paula.’

While the news of the album broke quite recently, that’s also because the songs themselves are recent. The couple announced their split in February of this year, and it was just a matter of days later that Robin Thicke was standing before his concert audiences, dedicating songs to his wife. Soon thereafter, he released the lead single, ‘Get Her Back,’ and began performing it on the concert stage as well as on live television.

He said of the songs, “I didn’t have a choice. I came right off a tour and I had all these songs and all these ideas and feelings in my heart. And I went right into the studio. I wrote all the songs in about three weeks and we recorded the album in about a month.”

He continued, saying, “Obviously all the songs were about her or about how I feel about her. A lot of songwriters have done this kind of thing before. They won’t tell you in the title or they’ll be suggestive. I was just like, ‘There’s no reason to hide who this is about.’ It’s all about her.”

And thus, the album, ‘Paula.’ Reviews have been mixed and music critics have not hesitated to comment on the autobiographical nature of the songs. Indeed, the story is playing out in headlines, as it is a high profile split of a couple that had been together for many years, since they were teenagers and they had been married since 2005. They have one son, a four-year-old, Julian.

He also spoke about what it is like for him now to hear the songs he has written and recorded. “Sometimes when I’m alone, I appreciate the connection. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming, also.”

He also revealed the toll that the separation has taken upon him, saying, “She’s not just my wife, she’s been my very best friend for 20 years. I lost two people. That’s a lot to talk about.”

He did not offer any news or updates as to the couple’s possible reconciliation and noted that he wanted to keep these details “private.”

In returning the conversation to the musical realm Robin Thicke said, “I think you should keep a little mystery. I think it’s important to make something out of it. As an artist, I have to make art. As an entertainer, I want to entertain. And as a human being, this is all I want to talk about.”

You can see both video and audio excerpts of the interview below.