Dina Casaliggi is a former teacher’s aide in Staten Island, New York who resigned her position after an investigation by the Department of Education and the NYPD uncovered her 18-month long affair with a male student who was 19 at the time that the relationship ended.

Dina Casaliggi

Photo: Dina Casaliggi
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The 38-year-old Dina Casaliggi, a married mother of two children, was a teacher’s aide at Susan E. Wagner High School in Staten Island, New York. The details of the investigation conducted by both the New York City Department of Education Special Commissioner of Investigation and the New York Police Department have come to light after the New York Daily News obtained the documents via a Freedom of Information Law request.

According to the New York Daily News, quoting the documents, Casaliggi resigned her position five months after telling a staff member at the school of the affair with the student, and expressing fear that her husband would find a video of herself and the student having sex.

The investigation was unable to determine the age of the student when the affair began, and thus, Dina Casaliggi did not face any criminal charges of statutory rape. The student was 19 when the affair ended.

Additionally the newspaper notes that investigators also uncovered evidence in the form of a photo showing the teenager lying on Casaliggi’s naked chest as well as a love letter. According to the documents, the student admitted the relationship but told the investigators it began after he graduated from the school. Dina Casaliggi told the investigators she was the students mentor and exchanged text messages for that purpose, and also said he had babysat her children and that he knew her husband.

As a part of their report, The Daily News interviewed Dina Casaliggi who told them, “I had a friendship with a student who was not underage. I didn’t have any criminal action against me. This, to me, isn’t news at all.” She also said, “There was no sex in the house or car, or any of that stuff.” As in offering a reason for why there were such allegations, she said, ““There were people I didn’t get along with at the school who wanted me to not be there.”

Other than her former employment by the school system no additional details on Dina Casaliggi’s bio and professional background were reported.

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Photos: Dina Casaliggi
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