Brad Ashenfelter is Kesha’s boyfriend. The pop star and ‘Rising Star’ judge has a new man in her life and he has been seen by her side in photos. Now she is speaking out about him and how happy she is to be with him.


Photo: Kesha
Credit: PR Photos

The pop star who was formerly known as Ke$ha with a dollar sign is back to her given name, Kesha Rose, and as such she is back in the public eye in a big way; a recent red carpet picture is above. She announced at the beginning of the year that she was entering rehab for an eating disorder and she left the facility, Timberline Knolls near Chicago, two months later in early March.

All the while she had the emotional support of Brad Ashenfelter, according to E!News he visited her while she was at the facility and has been with her ever since. The celebrity news site further reports that they met through her hair stylist and had been dating for a few months before they were officially on the radar as a couple, which was sometime in April.

Paparazzi have photographed the couple, and you can see some recent pictures of them together here.

Making it completely official and leaving nothing to rumor, Kesha herself called in to Ryan Seacrest’s radio program and talked about Brad Ashenfelter (audio below). She was asked to elaborate on her reported preference for “dirty” men, to which she said, “I do, not like physically covered in dirt, but I just like them to be beardy and long hair and look like a little homeless.”

While her current beau certainly does not look homeless, he does have dark hair and a full beard. She elaborated, saying, “I like guys who look like they don’t groom themselves. I’m not into guys who are very high-maintenance. I don’t want them to take longer to get ready than me.”

Giving them a designated couple monicker “Bradsha” she then went to say of the new man, “He’s a really sweet human being. I’m very happy to have him in my life.”

He has quickly gone from relative obscurity to notoriety thanks to all of the crowdsourcing from social media, celebrity news outlets as well as the fans of his girlfriend, the Brad Ashenfelter biography is being pieced together. He has a writer’s profile on the Web site Inertia in which he describes himself as being a native of New Jersey who is now living in L.A.

He is on Twitter where he has a black-and-white profile picture of himself (here) with a hand covering his mouth. He has Tweeted about his famous girlfriend recently, saying, “Excited to see @KeshaRose get back on stage tonight 😊 really proud of her.”

Check back for more updates and more pictures on the story as it unfolds.