Lady Gaga’s music video for ‘Do What U Want,’ directed by Terry Richardson and featuring R. Kelly has leaked online amidst unconfirmed reports that she scrapped it because of allegations of sexual abuse made against the director. With the surfacing of extended clips of the video itself, the controversy grows.

Lady Gaga

Photo: Lady Gaga
Credit: PR Photos

The pop music superstar has made headlines lately for wardrobe choices rather than release of new music or concert appearances. Suddenly with the help of TMZ she is back in the news although arguably not in the way she would like.

As the TMZ has given the music video its unwanted and unofficial premiere, the site quotes a New York Post article that alleges that Lady Gaga has barred the release because of the sexual assault allegations against its director Terry Richardson.

While models have made allegations against him for years, it’s been in recent months that more women have come forward. He has also been the subject of a major article in New York Magazine covering the disturbing claims that have been made against him even as he continues his reign as a go-to celebrity and fashion photographer and, lately, music video director, notably for Miley Cyrus’ controversial ‘Wrecking Ball’ music video.

In this day and age it’s nearly impossible to keep something from leaking and such is the case with the never officially released Do What U Want music video. Sex tapes leak, naked selfies leak and while not to that degree of invasiveness, it is still against the wishes of the artist. Lady Gaga has yet to speak out about it as it goes viral.

That said, the clips that have surfaced are being widely discussed. The song features R. Kelly as does the video which is graphic and largely NSFW. ILady Gaga is seemingly naked and covered by a white sheet in what appears to be an operating room. It is R. Kelly who appears in the room and is apparently the doctor. Seemingly under the effects of anesthesia, Lady Gaga is seen taking part in a dream sequence, or more properly a nightmare.

Terry Richardson himself makes a cameo appearance as a voyeuristic photographer taking delight in photographing a vulnerable Lady Gaga. And, even before the release of the video, Lady Gaga and R. Kelly had already generated controversy with their sexually charged and borderline sexually explicit performances of the song, especially on Saturday Night Live. R. Kelly too brings much baggage into this scenario. While he was acquitted in a court of law several years ago of sex crimes against underage girls, not everyone has been willing to embrace him as an innocent.

With the leaked video, which you can see below, it leaves the world waiting and wondering, what Lady Gaga will have to say.