Halle Berry’s post-baby body photos are in hot demand as she made her debut on the red carpet with her husband, Oliver Martinez, and revealed a stunning slimmed down figure in a low-cut gray dress. The occasion may have been the premiere of her new television show, Extant, but she was all the talk.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

Photo: Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez
Credit: PR Photos

It was quite a debut. The 47-year-old Halle Berry walked the red carpet for the first time since the birth of her child and she poses for photographers with her 48-year-old husband Oliver Martinez and separately as well. Now the photos have gone viral; you can see a full gallery below. It marks the couple’s first joint appearance on the red carpet in more than a year.

Yes, there’s quite a buzz over the Oscar winner’s new science fiction television series on CBS, ‘Extant’ and the location of the premiere, the California Science Center, which houses the Space Shuttle Endeavor, draws some notice as well. It is a landmark series featuring a strong female character, an astronaut no less, and marks Halle Berry’s return to television after many long years.

Yes, but then too there’s buzz too over Halle Berry’s dazzling and svelte appearance. We knew she would be stunning, but yet to see her in the figure hugging gray Jenny Packham dress and its plunging neckline exceeded the highest of expectations. She has been one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women for decades, and her reign as such seems to have no end in sight. Perhaps at some point she may share her weight loss and fitness secrets, but for now she is simply luminous as many look forward to her television series.

Check out more pictures below of Halle Berry flaunting her post-baby body alongside her husband Oliver Martinez below!

Photos: Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez
Credit: PR Photos

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