Jeffré Phillips, La Toya Jackson’s business partner will be her husband. He is in the news as she has officially confirmed her engagement and revealed a stunning engagement ring thus ending months of speculation and rumor.

Jeffré Phillips and La Toya Jackson

Photo: Jeffré Phillips and La Toya Jackson
Credit: PR Photos

The 58-year-old singer and current star of her own reality TV series, ‘Life with La Toya’ on OWN spoke about her engagement during her appearance on Good Morning America. She also displayed her stunning 17.5 carat diamond engagement ring and revealed how he had proposed to her.

She said the 46-year-old Jeffré Phillips proposed marriage to her in Hawaii at the Trump Hotel where they had candle light dinner on the balcony. She said that he dropped to one knee, telling her, “I don’t have a ring for you.” She said she told him “That’s okay. I don’t care about a ring.”

However, she was not without a ring for much longer at all. She said, “When I lifted ]the lid] for the dessert, there was the ring,”

And what a ring it is. She revealed it during her appearance on GMA and you can also see a close-up photo here. According to E!News, the ring is 17.5 carats; a large stone surrounded by a ring of smaller stones.

During her appearance she also showed a clip from her new reality TV show in which Jeffré Phillips is seen asking her father, the Jackson family patriarch, Joe Jackson, for her hand in marriage. She said of him, “”My father, mind you, he’s a nice guy, but he’s not the easiest person to talk to.”

Now that rumors have given way to reality, curiosity over Jeffré Phillips’ biography details are at an all-time high. A businessman, he has a long history in the entertainment business in L.A in music, television and film and other ventures. He is the CEO of Ja-Tail Enterprises, LLC which he co-founded with his bride-to-be in 1999. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Celebrity Branding Group (CBG). He will also be seen in La Toya Jackson’s reality TV show.

More photos and the video of La Toya Jackson confirming that Jeffré Phillips is her future husband are below!

Photos: Jeffré Phillips and La Toya Jackson
Credit: PR Photos