Phil Collins came out of retirement for a surprise performance of his iconic hit ‘In the Air Tonight’ at Miami Country Day School, the middle school his sons attend. The video has gone viral. The legendary music artist also performed ‘Land of Confusion.’

Phil Collins

Photo: Phil Collins
Credit: PR Photos

The surprise appearance marks the first time that Phil Collins had taken to the stage since 2010. As always thanks to the wonder that is YouTube we need to be content with old fashioned bootleg audio recordings and first-person accounts of such performances, we can watch them!

Prior to performing with the middle school band, he addressed the audience and said, in part, “I was here yesterday and we did a sound check in rehearsal. I’ve met all the kids who are up on stage, of course. I met most of the teachers today, and it’s a lovely school. I’ve been here a few times before to pick the kids up, but you are all very lucky to have so many committed stars. So congratulates to them, well done.”

He went on to make a surprise admission, saying, “Also, I was nervous. I’ve been doing this all my life, but it’s still, ‘How good could it be tonight?'” He went on to say, “And all of these kids came up to me yesterday and were very brave — and made me feel a part of the band.”

For his sudden return to the concert stage, he picked arguably one of his biggest hits, ‘In the Air Tonight,’ which became an international hit in 1981. His second song, ‘Land of Confusion’ is among those he recorded with his band Genesis which had a memorable music video featuring puppets.

In the aftermath of the live appearance Phil Collins did not reveal any future plans to perform or to come out of retirement but for the moment, we do have a rare live performance, forever captured in video which you can see below!