Stephanie Mariskanish is a former teacher’s aide in Carson City, Nevada who has been arrested and charged with felonies for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old male student.

Stephanie Mariskanish

Photo: Stephanie Mariskanish

The 28-year-old Stephanie Mariskanish (mugshot photo above), was a teacher’s aide at Eagle Valley Middle School in Carson City, Nevada.

According to KRNV-TV, quoting from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office incident report, Mariskanish is alleged to have had four sexual encounters at her residence with a 14-year-old male student.

The improper relationship with the student is alleged to have begun after she was taking care of the child of a friend who invited fellow students to her residence. She is alleged to have given the students alcohol and to have begun sexting with the alleged victim.

Carson City Sheriff’s deputies arrested Stephanie Mariskanish and, according to the incident report, as they handcuffed her she explained to her father why she had been arrested, telling him, “I did some sexual stuff with a kid…” and “I knew what I was doing…” She was booked into jail and was charged with four counts of four counts of sexual conduct with a pupil, a felony.

As for Stephanie Mariskanish’s bio and professional background, no details were reported. As for her employment status, according to KRN-TV, Mariskanish was fired a teacher’s aide earlier this year when allegations surfaced of her improper conduct. At that time, the school principal informed police authorities after the alleged victim accused her of putting her hands down his pants.

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