Keli Kryfko is a Texas beauty queen whose 100-pound weight loss story is inspirational and going viral. As before and after photos reveal, her transformation from obese teenager to pageant winner is remarkable.

Keli Kryfko

Photo: Keli Kryfko
Credit: Facebook

The story of the 23-year-old Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko has gone far beyond the borders of the Lone Star State. In this day and age of beauty queens making headlines for arrests, nude photos, porno videos, trips to rehab and the like, this story is motivating yes, even as it is an indictment of bullying and its possible consequences.

As CBS News reports, Keli Kryfko weighed more than 200 pounds when she was a 14 years old and as such, she was bullied by her peers and called a “fat girl.” She said, “I knew that that’s not what I wanted my definition to be anymore.”

She went on to explain how she was able to lose more than 100 pounds, on her own. She said, “I decided that I needed to make a change and I started by kicking out Dr Pepper which I always say was my toughest break-up to date. I started making some incremental changes, adding in fruits and veggies, and less fried foods.” She went on to say, “I just used logic. I thought, well I probably need to eat less fried foods and maybe I can eat the burger without the cheese.”

And the results have been remarkable. In total she had lost a total of 100 pounds. Although she does not reveal before or after weight or measurements nor specify her height, it’s clear from the pictures she has undergone a transformation. Slimmed down and confident, she has had a string of victories in the pageant world as she works her way to the state level and will be among the contenders to be Miss Texas. Thus far she has been crowned Miss Allen, Miss Limestone 2013 and Miss South Texas.

The Keli Kryfko biography is an inspiring one indeed. The Houston native is formerly a fitness instructor according to her LinkedIn profile, thus putting her new lifestyle into literal practice. While she does not list any background as a model or an actress, she notes that her current occupation and now an image consultant at Cintas.

She is active on Twitter as well as and Facebook.

Miss South Texas for now, and an inspiration as such, but she is on her way to achieving more goals and inspiring others all along the way. You can see a full gallery of Keli Kryfko pictures below as well as videos in which she reveals some before and after pictures.

Photos: Keli Kryfko
Credit: Facebook

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