Former Journey frontman Steve Perry performed live for the first time in 19 years. The video has surfaced on YouTube and you can see the music legend on stage performing with the indie rock band The Eels in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Steve Perry

Photo: Steve Perry
Credit: PR Photos

The sudden surprise appearance that has become a viral video sensation. Steve Perry left Journey in 1998 and although he has released albums as a solo artist he had not given any live concert performances.

Thus for the audience during the Memorial Day weekend who were enjoying the performance from The Eels a veteran band founded by its frontman Mark Oliver Everett. The band has its fervent fans who, no doubt, were taken by complete surprise when the legendary singer took to the stage.

According to Yahoo! Music, he began his appearance by singing with The Eels, in one of their classic songs, a melancholic ballad with explicit lyrics and title, “It’s a Motherf—–.”

The ovation prompted Mark Everett to say “They don’t applaud like that for me! I guess I gotta disappear for 25 years!” For his part, Steve Perry said that he “loved” the song and went on to say he always wanted to sing it, adding, “And tonight is the first time I’ve ever sang it.”

From there, he and the band gave the audience what they were suddenly clamoring for. They performed some of Journey’s signature hits, including “Open Arms,” “Lovin’, Touchin’, and Squeezin'”

In the aftermath of the live appearance Steve Perry have given no indication of future plans. As noted, he and the legendary band parted ways in 1998 and in recent years, Arnel Pineda — the Filipino singer first discovered on YouTube as a Journey tribute artist — has taken over as frontman and been well received by critics and fans alike.

The video of Steve Perry’s surprise appearance is below and while it’s an electrifying live set, but does have that aforementioned song — poignant, yes, with profane lyrics. That said, it’s an historic moment not to be missed!