Alyssa Funke was a beautiful 19-year-old straight A student from Minnesota who committed suicide after relentless bullying over her appearance in a ‘CastingCouch-X’ porno video. The brilliant brunette teen was defiant at first on social media but within days she took her own life with a shotgun. What remains is a tragic story of a life cut short and collective sorrow in the aftermath.

Alyssa Funke

Photo: Alyssa Funke
Credit: Facebook

A student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, she was just 18 years old at the time she made what became a fateful decision to take part in the porno video, and she did so under a pseudonym. But while the name was different, the self-professed Alyssa Funke biography was very much her own.

According to widespread FKMSP-TV, she spoke into the camera, saying, “I’m Stella Ann. I’m 18, from Minnesota. I want to be a major in biology, minor in chemistry, and I want to be an anesthesiologist.”

The investigative report goes on to note that days after she shot the pornographic video — in which she is seen having sex with a stranger after that plainspoken and ultimately incongruous introduction — she was hit with an onslaught of bullying on both Facebook and Twitter and that most of the messages she was receiving were from former classmates at her alma mater, at Stillwater High School, in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Among the messages which was both taunting and unfortunately an encapsulation of what happened: “Nothing brings a school together like a porn star who graduated last year. I guess you could say news spreads fast here at Stillwater hahah.”

For a time she appeared defiant on Twitter, especially in what became her final two Tweets: “famous for dayzzz” and “pornstar status, a-okay.” Sadly her defiance was not enough to sustain her. It was just two days after that Tweet, according to the report, that she purchased a shotgun and went to Big Carnelia Lake and shot herself to death.

Now the words she left behind are enough to haunt us all. What may immediately come to mind in hearing of such as story of a student participated in an amateur sex tape — without knowing of the tragic end of the story — is that it is yet another example of the desperation to pay student loans.

We have seen what amounts to a glamorization of students who seek out such forays into the adult entertainment industry, whether as strippers, pole dancers, prostitutes, escorts, porno stars, or even, those who look for sugar daddies. Yes, there are bills to be paid and this shadowy world pays better than your average retail job.

But instead we are confronting the other phenomena of our contemporary times, the unmerciful bullying that is fueled and facilitated by social media. Yes, Alyssa Funke made that decision to take part in a video for the ‘CastingCouch-X’ Web site. But the fallout, no doubt, is something she had not anticipated and, sadly, was unequipped emotionally to handle.

Those with prurient interest in this story — and yes, even in such tragic circumstances, they are out there — will look for and easily find the Alyssa Funke’s nude photos and video they are seeking. Regardless of whether the subject is living or dead, willing or unwilling, the digital images are forever.

In fact, as FKMSP-TV reports, the porn video is still on the Web site even as the investigation by the Washington County Sheriff’s Department into the circumstances of her death is ongoing.

The story is developing. Check back for updates.

Photos: Alyssa Funke
Credit: Facebook

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