Laura Paine is reportedly Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend. The British model and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ star have been seen together in numerous photos which reveal them to be affectionate and apparently happy in each other’s company.

Laura Paine

Photo: Laura Paine
Credit: Facebook

The 37-year-old British actor Orlando Bloom had an amicable split with his wife, Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr. As is typical, in the months that have followed, the curious have sought to find out who each is dating.

While he had previously been rumored to be dating Nora Arnezeder, a French actress, now there is some evidence of another girlfriend. It arrives as such evidence often does; paparazzi photos. Arguably if a couple is attempting to be secretive they will not venture out in public.

You can see the photos of the couple in West London here.

Yes, they are indeed out in public, together, as if to ignore the paparazzi or perhaps even as a tacit acknowledgement of the inevitable truth these days; privacy is becoming increasingly impossible to maintain these days especially for celebrities and other public figures. Cameras of all kinds are a part of our lives. From the cellphone cameras of ordinary citizens to the all-seeing eyes of closed circuit surveillance systems there is not a private moment to take for granted these days!

The same is true for the search for information. Those who are making that search for the particulars of the Laura Paine biography will readily uncover some tidbits on the life and history of the professional model. According to her LinkedIn profile she is signed with the London-based agency, Select Model Management.

Through her online modeling profile we learn that her height is 5’9-1/2″ and that her measurements are 32-25-36. Her eyes are blue and her long hair is blond. And from pictures she is statuesque and attractive. The Daily Mail notes in their report that she is from Oxfordshire, England, as is Bloom and her Facebook account confirms this.

The story is unfolding and, as time goes on we hope to learn more. Check back for more info and more Laura Paine pictures as they become available!