Jill Anjuli Hansen is a model and surfer in Honolulu, Hawaii who has been arrested and charged with attempted murder for allegedly attempting to run down a 73-year-old woman in what has been described as a road rage incident.

Jill Anjuli Hansen

Photo: Jill Anjuli Hansen

The 30-year-old Jill Anjuli Hansen (mugshot photo above; more pictures below) is alleged to have attempted to run down a 73-year-old woman in the parking garage of an apartment complex in Waikiki. It is further alleged that the incident was the culmination of what had previously begun as an incidence of road rage after which Hanson pursued the woman to her residence.

According to KOHN 2, a man who reportedly is a maintenance worker at the apartment complex, alleges that he saw Hansen drive into the woman after she had gotten out of her car and in so doing knocked her to the ground.

He said he intervened by smashing the back window of Hansen’s car to get her to stop from allegedly attempting to run down the woman again. She then fled the scene on foot, abandoning her car, a Volkswagen Passat. The 73-year-old woman, identified as Elizabeth Conklin, was rushed to the hospital by Honolulu Fire Department and was reported to have cuts and bruises and a head injury.

As Hawaii News Now reports, Jill Anjuli Hansen was arrested later that day and was booked into jail. She was charged with attempted murder with her bond set at $1 million.

The newspaper further reports that Hansen has had previous run-ins with the law including a pending assault case and as well as another case requiring that she undergo a mental health evaluation and that her father has filed a restraining order against her which remains active. It is alleged in court documents that Hansen had used Facebook in an attempt fo find someone to murder her father and his family.

Prior to the international attention of this case she had established a presence throughout social media including Facebook which will likely be mined as people look for the Jill Anjuli Hansen biography details. In a LinkedIn profile she describes herself as a professional surfer and brand ambassador and also lists modeling as part of her work history.

The story is developing. A video report and more photos are below. Check back for updates.

Photos: Jill Anjuli Hansen
Credit: Facebook

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