Vito Cammisano is Michael Sam’s boyfriend. His identity — and now his name and photos — were dramatically revealed as the two men kissed on live television when Sam became the first openly gay NFL draft pick of the St. Louis Rams and made history.

Vito Cammisano

Photo: Vito Cammisano and Michael Sam
Credit: Facebook

It was the kiss seen around the world, and with it, the question. Who is the man? Who is Michael Sam’s boyfriend. That question has now been answered.

The 23-year-old Vito Cammisano (picture above) is indeed the man who shared the kiss with the 24-year-old Michael Sam who became the first openly gay NFL Draft pick when, literally, the St. Louis Rams were calling. Media outlets initially reported him as only the “boyfriend” without naming names. A few sites ventured a name “Sean Smith” and it’s not clear if that was erroneous or perhaps a man that the Mizzou Tigers football star had previously dated.

Those moments were captured on live television, which is also historic. Until such time as this becomes routine, we can rejoice in the progress that is unfolding in our present day. As Jackie Robinson was a trailblazer for major league baseball, so too is Michael Sam becoming just as iconic for the NFL and the advancement of LGBT rights.

As for the detail on the Vito Cammisano biography that everyone is searching for they are not difficult to find as he is active on social media. From his Facebook account we learn that he is from Kansas City, Missouri and attended the University of Missouri where he majored in communications.

According to the Daily Mail, quoting OutSports he compated as a swimmer for Mizzou and he has been openly gay for a few years, dating back to 2011. He is now currently a radio station intern for Cumulus Broadcasting.

Vito Cammisano is also active on Twitter as @Vitcamm as well as on Instagram. For the first time, Michael Sam retweeted one of his Tweets, which had with it a photo — which you can see below — of the two of them smashing cake and kissing.

You can see the now iconic video along with more Vito Cammisano photos below!

Photos: Vito Cammisano
Credit: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook