Kyndal Kyaire is the girlfriend of Johnny Manziel, a.k.a. “Johnny Football,” an NFL quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. Interest in the gorgeous model and a mad search for her pictures began even as the former Texas A&M quarterback became a NFL draft pick.

Kyndal Kyaire

Photo: Kyndal Kyaire
Credit: Instagram

While as to be expected, an NFL draft pick gets a lot of attention he should be prepared to share the spotlight with his sexy girlfriend if he has one. Well, ready or not, that’s the case for Johnny Manziel and his curvaceous and buxom brunette girlfriend Kyndal Kyaire. Her name is out there and people are searching!

While he may have trademarked his nickname, he will have much less success in being proprietary when it comes to his girlfriend who, as is always the case, suddenly becomes the hot commodity, at least as far as the clamoring for images goes. It’s literally the big leagues now, and what quiet life there might have been is suddenly the object of speculation and rumor.

Anyone who wants to get the scoop on the Kyndal Kyaire biography, will find plenty which she herself has revealed, as is quickly becoming the norm in the social media age. It’s just a matter of having one’s Facebook and Instagram in order and waiting for the onslaught of visitor and followers.

According to her Instagram profile Kyndal Kyaire is based in San Diego, CA and is a model and “VIP bottle server” at Fluxx Nightclub. No stranger to publicity she has appeared in Maxim magazine. Her measurements reportedly are 34-25-37 and her height is 5’9″ and her weight is 130 pounds.

You can see more Kyndal Kyaire pictures below.

Photos: Kyndal Kyaire
Credit: Instagram

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