Stephanie Gribbin is a New York City real estate broker whose nude selfie photos, which she allegedly uploaded to the company’s Dropbox account, led to a lawsuit and with it sudden international notice as the story has gone viral.

Stephanie Gribbin
Photo: Stephanie Gribbin
Credit: Facebook

The Long Island native Stephanie Gribbin was formerly a broker with the real estate firm Nooklyn which is owned by entrepreneur Harley Court and specializes in Brooklyn’s trendy Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods.

Nooklyn filed a lawsuit against Gribbin alleging that she began uploading “nude and semi-nude photographs of herself” to the company’s Dropbox account, according to the New York Post. She is also alleged to have stolen real estate listings and of having deleting company files in an attempt to steal some of the company’s clients after being terminated.

The original lawsuit filed in Brooklyn federal court was asking for $300,000 in damages from Gribbin. She represented herself in court, the Post further reports, and in her defense said that the company used the lawsuit and trumped up charges after she had filed a discrimination complaint against them for allegedly terminating her employment because she became pregnant.

Gribbin admitted uploading the pictures which she characterized as “tasteful art shots that she transmitted on company computers but never intended for public consumption.” In the settlement agreement she will pay $15,000 and drop the complaint against the company.

The uproar has, as noted, meant unexpected notoriety and with it curiosity over details of Stephanie Gribbin’s bio and background. Those who have such curiosity will find out plenty via her LinkedIn profile which reveals that the NYU graduate — with an undergrad degree in real estate development — has a work history in the real estate and hospitality fields.

Photos: Stephanie Gribbin
Credit: Facebook

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