Jasmine Tosh Stewart is a model and actress who has seen a sudden rise in fame. While her stunning photos had already won her a following on Instagram there’s nothing like being linked — even in a literal snapshot — with a an infamous person — in this case L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling — to explode your own notoriety.

Jasmine Tosh Stewart

Photo: Jasmine Tosh Stewart
Credit: Facebook

The mere fact that we now know of Jasmine Tosh Stewart has proved the point that nowadays there is not much difference between being famous and being notorious. After a racist rant surfaced leading to being being banned for life by the NBA, it seems that alleged mistress and self-described “personal assistant” and “silly rabbit” is not the only model who is suddenly more famous than before.

It all started when TMZ Sports posted a picture of Stewart standing arm-in-arm with Sterling, shortly after V. Stiviano’s TV interview with Barbara Walters that has led so so many quotable gems. TMZ reports the photo was taken at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills.

As has been widely reported, Sterling himself was to be interviewed by Walters but cancelled at the last minute. Yes, there’s all manner of irony here, of course, as Jasmine Tosh Stewart is black and yet, there she is in a photo with Donald Sterling. It was the alleged girlfriend, V. Stiviano — of black and Mexican heritage — whose photo of herself with Magic Johnson that brought about all of the uproar since that same Sterling did not approve, to say the least.

Meanwhile, Stewart tells TMZ that her career is soaring — a thousand followers in Instagram, more visitors to her blog, etc. — even though she “still thinks he’s a racist.”

Before all of this began, and more people knew of her, she already had a substantial Web presence; it was just a matter of attracting attention. So here’s a case of great strategy in the social media era. Anyone looking for the particulars of the Jasmine Tosh Stewart biography doesn’t have to go away feeling frustrated. The 23-year-old Los Angeles native and self-described model, actress and stylist has a modeling portfolio and reveals her height as 5’9″ and her weight as 115 pounds. As for her measurements, they are 34-24-34.

As noted, she is active on Instagram, with tens of thousands of followers. She also has a detailed profile on her fashion blog, jasminetoshfashion.com, in which she reveals that she has been in front of the camera since she was a baby making her debut in a TV commercial before her first birthday and in more recent years has had some bit parts in such TV shows as ‘Desperate Housewives.’ She also notes having competed for ANTM and some appearances on MTV shows.

It’s just the start, thanks to a happenstance photo. You can see many more Jasmine Tosh Stewart pictures below.

Photos: Jasmine Tosh Stewart
Credit: Facebook, Instagram

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