Jordin Sparks revealed her weight and talked about her weight loss journey and pursuit of a healthy diet and fitness routine in an interview on the Today Show. She also spoke about how she is able to have a positive body image. It is rare for a celebrity to disclose exact numbers, but that is just what the music superstar did in the spirit of empowerment and self acceptance.

Jordin Sparks

Photo: Jordin Sparks
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The 24-year-old singer-songwriter and American Idol winner recently debuted her bikini body alongside boyfriend and fellow singer Jason Derulo at an event in Las Vegas. She Tweeting “My bathing suit today! BIG step for me to wear something like this on a carpet. Yeah, yeah, yeah.” She also posted a bikini selfie on Instagram earlier that day.

But it has been quite the journey — played out in public — to arrive at such self-acceptance. She told Jenna Bush Hager in a Today Show interview that she reached a turning point, not because of fat shaming and pressures to be thin but because of her health.

She said, “I had gotten really sick and I was about to celebrate my birthday and I was like, ‘I should be in the prime of my life right now. I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I really need to make my health a priority.’ And that’s what I did.”

She said that after her 50 pound weight loss — over the course of a year and a half — that she has arrived at her current weight. She said, “I go anywhere from, like, 155 to 161. So I’m right around there. That’s where I am.”

She added: “It feels really good. Yeah. Take that. That’s how much I weigh, Hollywood. Grrr.”

Jordin Sparks did not confirm her height, but it is widely reported to be 6’0.” She is known to be tall for a woman.

She went on to speak of the pressures to be thin, saying, “It does get a little crazy. I think not succumbing to the pressure is harder than actually giving into it.”

In acknowledging the struggle to resist such giving in she said, “Instead, I loved the way I looked before. I was comfortable with how I looked. But, a lot of it has been really focusing on becoming healthier. And the plus side was that my body changed, which was awesome. It wasn’t about being a zero or a certain size or anything like that.”

Reflecting on the experiences of others and how she might be a role model, she said, “I know that there are some women who struggle to even look themselves in the mirror. And I hope that those women who are struggling can watch this [interview] and go, ‘You know what? I’m OK with who I am. And I’m beautiful in my own way.’”

Indeed, it is a powerful message, and in revealing her actual weight, which is not the supposed “ideal” by size-zero unrealistic Hollywood standards she will no doubt encourage others to stop the impossible — and dangerous — pursuit of thinness at any cost. The costs of such pursuits can be much too high.

She also spoke about what it was like wearing the bikini in Las Vegas, saying, “And I walked out, and they were just like, ‘You look great. I was like, ‘Really? This is OK? Like, this bathing suit looks all right?’ Because for me, that was such a huge thing to do. I don’t just walk around in bathing suits.”

See the replay of what Jordin Sparks has to say, along with some of her recent pictures below!

Photos: Jordin Sparks
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