Alexandra Hedison is Jodie Foster’s wife. The Oscar-winning actress and director married her photographer girlfriend and announced the wedding after the fact sparking much curiosity. See photos of her new spouse and get the details right here.

Alexandra Hedison

Photo: Alexandra Hedison
Credit: PR Photos

The 51-year-old Jodie Foster had dated 44-year-old Alexandra Hedison for several months, and the couple had been quite private, sparking rumors from time to time that they had already tied the knot. But, obliging the ever-curious public, Foster’s rep confirmed to E!News that they were married during a weekend ceremony.

It was only a year ago that Jodie Foster officially and famously came out as lesbian in an emotional speech. Her sexuality had not been a secret as it was known that she had been in a longtime relationship previously, lasting some 20 years or so, with Cydney Bernard and the couple had two sons together.

As for the details of the Alexandra Hedison biography, while she may not be as well-known as her new wife who has, after all, been famous since her child actress days, she was known for having dated Ellen DeGeneres for a few years. This was prior to DeGeneres’ involvement with and later marriage to Portia Di Rossi. The couple was frequently seen on the red carpet together back in the early 2000s which were still the pioneer days for openly gay celebrity couples.

But her life is much more than relationships with famous women. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she is the daughter of actor David Hedison and she had followed in his footsteps for a time. While she does not have a long history as an actress, she is best known for her appearance on ‘The L Word’ on Showtime where she portrayed Dylan Moreland. For the past several years she has made her mark as a notable contemporary photographer who has exhibited around the world.

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Photos: Alexandra Hedison
Credit: PR Photos

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