Eliza Roberts is Eric Roberts wife. The actress and casting director is in the news and photos are highly sought as the spouse of the actor and brother of Julia Roberts and father of Emma Roberts now has her turn in the spotlight.

Eliza Roberts

Photo: Eliza Roberts
Credit: PR Photos

There’s nothing like an appearance on ABC’s ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ to shake up your routine and to let the public watch you as you do so! Such is the case for Eliza Roberts who trades places with actress Joan Severance, the girlfriend of Robin Leach and tries out life in Las Vegas with the legendary journalist who knows it best.

As for the Eliza Roberts’ biography details, she was originally known as Eliza Garrett and is still known in some places by that name. Prior to her marriage to Eric Roberts in 1992 she was married to James Simons and has two children from that marriage. She has some screen credits from the 1990s including ‘Dr. Who’ and ‘Animal House.’ She is also a casting director and a writer and has been her husband’s manager.

Now married more than 20 years to the 58-year-old Eric Roberts, she counts as family some of Hollywood’s famous, including the aforementioned Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts as well as her husband’s daughter from a previous relationship, Emma Roberts. As such her life has very much become intertwined with the family. It was in the mid-1990s that her husband was arrested for a domestic violence incident and he has publicly battled drug addiction, notably on VH1 Celebrity Rehab.

But this time, it is Eliza Roberts who is in the spotlight on her own terms, as the public will have a chance to see her up close. That is, in fact, part of the fish-out-of-water element for her in Las Vegas, who finds that she is ushered into a session with hair and makeup.

It’s not to say she has not been out and about and on the red carpet both with and without her husband and you can see many more pictures of Eliza Roberts below!

Photos: Eliza Roberts and Eric Roberts
Credit: PR Photos

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